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How to Match Your Wedding Bands

VRAI | November 26, 2021

VRAI | November 26, 2021

Welcome to our guide on how to match your wedding bands. In this article, we’ll explain:

  1. How to choose a wedding ring that matches your significant other’s band.
  2. How to pair your engagement ring to your wedding band.

Many couples think solely about the engagement ring leading up to a proposal. But your wedding band is an expression of your personal style and love story, as well. There are many options today that go well beyond the traditional round band. With different diamond shapes, widths, metal colors, and settings, wedding rings today truly stand apart from those you’ve seen in the past. From classic to contemporary, there are wedding rings for every style.

VRAI’s wedding band designs are modern takes on timeless classics and reflect the same love and sustainable values as engagement rings featuring a VRAI created diamond. Customizable settings and unisex designs enable you to match your ring to your partner’s. Read on to discover how these perfect pairs are made.

Match both your wedding bands by style

Many of our wedding bands come in an array of sizes and widths, meaning you and your spouse can have the same wedding rings, but customized to fit you uniquely. Our Eternity Bands are available in ring sizes 3-14, and can be selected in Petite, Medium, or Large width, meaning they’re perfect for both of you to wear. Our Flat and Round wedding bands are also available in this size and width range for those looking for a more traditional style.

Even if you don’t wear the exact same wedding ring design, you can match your rings based on look. Are you both drawn to vintage-inspired rings? Consider mixing and matching Curator bands with Round bands. Do you both love a sleek, minimal design? A Brushed Baguette Band paired with a Baguette Infinity Band might be your favorite option.

Match both your wedding bands by diamond shape

Many VRAI wedding ring designs feature diamonds, all of which are sustainably created in our zero-emission foundry. If you both choose a diamond wedding band, you can match your diamond shapes. Our Eternity Bands feature an array of Round Brilliant shaped diamonds, while our Baguette Infinity Band features a row of Baguette shaped diamonds. Other Infinity Band styles and pavé bands feature rounded pavé diamonds, as well. Depending on your diamond shape of choice, you can pair your rings to complement one another. Our Brushed Baguette Band is also perfect for those who want a diamond wedding ring in a more classic setting.

Match both your wedding bands by color

Matching your wedding bands by color is perhaps the most classic way of pairing your rings. Do you love the extra durability of platinum, the romantic hue of solid yellow gold, the clean luster of solid white gold, or the regal appeal of solid rose gold? Each of our wedding bands is available in these metal colors, meaning you and your spouse can match in hue even if you don’t match in style.

How to match your wedding band to your engagement ring

Whether you’ve decided to wear your wedding band and engagement ring on the same finger, or you want to wear them separately, it’s best to consider how they pair. Below are examples of how you can match your wedding band to your engagement ring by setting, by diamond shape, and by metal color.

Does your wedding band have to match your engagement ring?

In short, no. Although VRAI does offer engagement and wedding rings that are designed to perfectly match, finding the combination that feels best for you is key. Mixing different styles is not uncommon.

Some choose to mix pavé bands, for example. If you opted for a plain band on your engagement ring setting, you might want to add shine to your wedding band with pavé diamonds. You can also opt for mixing metal colors. If you chose a rose gold engagement ring, but your spouse wants a platinum wedding band, there’s no rule dictating that your wedding band can’t be platinum as well. Finally, you can mix styles by choosing different silhouettes. Many of VRAI’s customers who opt for a Chevron or Signature V wedding band pair it with a Classic or Signature Solitaire engagement ring, regardless of their varying shapes.

Match your wedding rings by style

Wedding bands to go with Solitaire engagement rings

Many styles of wedding rings go with our Solitaire engagement rings. If you have chosen a Signature Solitaire or Signature 6-Prong, we love these looks paired with our Infinity Bands. If you have chosen a Knife-Edge Solitaire, whose band comes to a point in the middle, there is also a Knife-Edge wedding band that perfectly pairs with that setting.

Wedding bands to go with Three Stone engagement rings

A Three Stone engagement ring features a trio of VRAI created diamonds instead of a single center stone, and is designed to pair perfectly with a wedding ring. Because those who choose a Three Stone undoubtedly want as much shine as possible, try pairing them with diamond wedding bands.

  • If your Three Stone features a more squared center stone (think Emerald or Princess), then match it with a Baguette Infinity Band.
  • If your setting highlights rounded shapes (Round Brilliant, Oval, or Cushion), an Eternity Band with Round Brilliant diamonds is the perfect match.

Wedding bands to go with unique engagement rings

Matching your wedding rings diamond shape

Wedding bands to match Marquise engagement rings

The tapered points on each side of a Marquise shaped diamond could pair perfectly with the pointed dip of a Chevron or Signature V wedding band.

Wedding bands to match Oval engagement rings

The elongated elegance — and maximized carat weight — of an Oval shaped diamond is complemented by the fire and brilliance of our Eternity Bands.

Wedding bands to match Emerald engagement rings

Our favorite band to pair with an Emerald engagement ring is the Baguette Infinity band or the Brushed Baguette Band.

Wedding bands to match Round Brilliant engagement rings

Nearly all of our pavé styles would match perfectly with a Round Brilliant engagement ring. From a delicate Half Pavé band to a more ostentatious Pavé Curator, the extra rows of shine help only enhance this classic shape.

Matching your wedding rings by color

All of our engagement ring and wedding band settings are available in platinum, 18k recycled solid yellow and white gold, and 14k recycled solid rose gold. Below are some of our most popular styles according to their metal color

White gold matching wedding bands

Our 18k solid recycled white gold Knife-Edge engagement ring with Trillion cut VRAI created diamond and pavé band.

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Our 18k solid recycled white gold Knife-Edge wedding band.

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Rose gold matching wedding bands

Our 14k solid recycled rose gold Halo engagement ring with Cushion shaped VRAI created diamond and pavé band.

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Our 14k solid recycled rose gold Half Pavé band.

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Yellow gold matching wedding bands

Our 18k solid recycled yellow gold Three Stone engagement ring with Marquise cup VRAI created diamonds and plain band.

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Our 18k solid recycled Baguette Infinity Band.

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Platinum matching wedding bands

Our platinum Signature Solitaire with Oval shaped VRAI created diamond and pavé band.

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Our platinum Round Eternity Band.

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Two Tone matching wedding bands

Our Two Tone engagement rings are available in solid yellow or rose gold bands with a platinum prong setting. This means that you can choose a matching gold or platinum wedding band to create the perfect pair!

Our 18k solid recycled yellow gold Classic Two Tone with Pear shaped VRAI created diamond and pavé band.

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Our platinum Signature V Pavé wedding band.

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