Anniversary jewelry gifts

Cherish your milestone with emblems as unique as your love designed with VRAI created diamonds in 14k solid gold.

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Anniversary jewelry and gifts FAQ

Anniversaries represent a monumental milestone in your relationship. Celebrating an anniversary is an important way to honor how far you’ve come together. Anniversary gifts are given to show your loved one what they mean to you and to commemorate your journey together.

Anyone in a relationship can buy an anniversary gift. Anniversary gifts are given by any and all partners to let each other know what the relationship means to them.

Anniversary gifts aren’t necessarily reserved for romantic partners. You can give an anniversary gift to celebrate a friendship anniversary or even a work anniversary.

Popular anniversary gifts include flowers, chocolate, a romantic night out or getaway, and of course, jewelry. Fine jewelry is an excellent anniversary gift as it can be treasured forever. Diamond jewelry is highly symbolic and is used to represent love and commitment. This makes diamond jewelry an especially meaningful and intimate anniversary gift, often exchanged by romantic partners.

Diamond jewelry is the best gift for a wedding anniversary. Diamonds are valuable, beautiful, and will stand the test of time - just like your love. A few popular types of diamond jewelry for wedding anniversaries are anniversary rings, diamond pendants, or diamond bracelets.

A Tennis necklace or bracelet, The Infinity Band, or The Eternity Hoop are particularly symbolic gifts for wedding anniversaries. These designs feature a continuous array of connected lab-grown diamonds to represent unity and everlasting love.

Many shoppers choose to invest more in an anniversary gift than a birthday gift, for example, as anniversaries are particularly intimate occasions. However, there is no set amount that you should spend on an anniversary gift. How much you should spend will depend on your personal budget and the gift that you’re choosing. The most important thing when selecting an anniversary gift is that it's something that is meaningful to your partner.

VRAI fine jewelry features expertly crafted, timeless designs made from premium materials at a range of price points.

There are no universal rules for anniversary rings, but they are usually exchanged to celebrate a wedding anniversary. Many couples choose to wear anniversary rings stacked with their engagement and wedding ring. The engagement ring will typically be placed first, then the wedding ring, and with the anniversary ring on top.

The type of ring you choose for an anniversary ring is entirely up to you. People often give an anniversary ring or band that is simpler than their engagement and wedding ring.

Our VRAI diamond experts can help you select an anniversary ring that perfectly represents your partner and that stacks beautifully with your existing ring set.

The best anniversary jewelry gift for your partner is one that they’ll love to wear for years to come. Some popular anniversary jewelry gifts for her include VRAI’s Del Sol Drop Earring, Linked Tennis Necklace, V Double Row Bangle, and The Eternity Band.

For anniversary gifts for him, consider VRAI’s Multi Row Pavé Ring, Duo Lariat Bracelet, Tetrad Ring, and Eternity Hoop.

When choosing an anniversary jewelry gift, take into account both your loved one's style and what the anniversary means. You can use diamonds to represent milestones in your relationship. Jewelry with two diamonds can represent the two of you, while multi-diamond pieces can celebrate a newly expanding family.

An anniversary gift doesn’t simply honor your love for each other, but it also celebrates who you are and the beautiful impact you have on the world. With VRAI created diamond jewelry, your anniversary gift will represent just that.

VRAI created diamonds are grown in the world’s first zero-emission foundry. They are cut and polished to exacting proportions by our master craftsman, with unmatched standards in quality and sustainability. On this anniversary, let your diamond jewelry truly reflect your love and your values with VRAI.